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Ebony Cobb, LMFT

LCSW 128499

LMFT 128499
Tired of feeling unsure of who you are: your “purpose,” what sparks joy for you, whether you are living authentically or not? Are you ready to face areas of pain or darkness that you have long disregarded, buried, yet to grieve, or attempted to forget? Are you feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, shame, intense sadness, self-medication or debilitating negative thoughts? I can help you find your way through these unanswered questions, toward emotional healing, growth, and identity strengthening.

I received my B.A. in Psychology with a minor in African American Studies from the University of Texas in Austin. I also received my M.A. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. For over three years, I worked primarily with adult and adolescent clients at a community mental health clinic, where the majority of cases were court-mandated for therapy due to issues of substance abuse, child custody/DCFS cases, family/domestic violence, trauma, anger management issues, etc.

At ECCTS, I work with various ages ranging from children through adolescent and adult individuals. My therapeutic approach is holistic, integrating 3 therapeutic modalities: 1) psychodynamic therapy looking into family history, parental and personal attachment styles, defense mechanisms, unconscious internal conflicts, etc.; 2) person-centered therapy, where I am congruent with my clients, providing empathy and unconditional positive regard, understanding that the Client is the expert; and 3) strength-based therapy, where the focus is on the Client’s innate strengths and resilience, building confidence, self-esteem, and positive self-talk. I am no stranger to incorporating creative techniques with my clients, depending on personal preferences, such as art therapy, play therapy, aromatherapy, guided meditation, deep breathing exercises, journaling, dream work, and more.

Allow me to provide you (or your child) the earnest human connection you may be seeking or have been lacking. In psychotherapy, my focus is your transformation. As your therapist, my objective is to genuinely listen to your concerns, compassionately mirror your experiences, support you through your personal goals, and sincerely confront your perspectives or defenses, which may no longer serve you. I am committed to catalyzing your growth and development into a healthier, more fulfilled you, based on your terms and on your timing. If you commit to looking inward and challenging yourself to evolve through your work in therapy with me, I commit to accompanying you and supporting you every step of the way.