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Miguel Claros, ACSW

ACSW 110090

I have always believed in the saying “the personal is professional.” It was through my experiences in navigating trauma, mental health, and intersectional challenges, that I realized my passion in wanting to aid others in healing, and maintaining resiliency on their journey of self love/growth. Through this realization, I was able to become an academic/life mentor to Black and Brown youth facing complex struggles to becoming eligible for higher education in Los Angeles, provide counseling sessions as a peer support counselor to those impacted by COVID-19 throughout California, and provide social work services to patients from vulnerable populations at Kaiser Permanente and a local LA non-profit agency. Through this work, I have come to learn that people truly do the best they can within their current capacity.

My aim in pursuing a career in therapy is to aid individuals in understanding themselves so that they can work towards healing and being the best versions of themselves that they can be. I believe in utilizing a client centered approach where you are the expert of your own life and we can work together to make sense of your lived experiences, in order to decide what you want in life and identify what does not currently align with those personal values. I also enjoy incorporating intergenerational trauma work into my practice as a therapist. I strive to use individual, familial, and cultural lessons of the past in order to accept and face personal barriers of the present day so that we can create a future filled with more self love and freedom. I enjoy working with all ages, couples, and families and aim to provide a safe environment free of judgments. I truly believe that through the resiliency we have attained, that change and growth is possible and would be honored to facilitate that within the therapeutic process.

Miguel Claros, ACSW 110090
Supervised by Crystal Olivo, LCSW 66044